Stay safe and enjoy your Holiday!

It is a difficult moment we're living but we have the ability to change this condition and go back to life!

The lockdown really created stress and unconfortable moments pushing us to new challenges. The disruption of our privacy, the drammatical changes to our lifes and habits created enourmous stress and discouragement. We all wished in the past to stay home, but nobody really thought about something like this!

There is also some positive in all this. We went back to a more natural and healthy nutrition  discovering old forgotten recepies, we spent more time with our kids and learned to work from home and finally there was a significant decrease in pollution.

Now we need to slowly go back to normal life, but not the "normal" we were used to. We will need to wear facemasks and eventually gloves, greet staying at some distance, avoid hugs and hand shakes. Even in restaurats we will need to stay detached and probaly separated by glass shields.
In addition hotels will need to create a safe environment for both guests and employees.
At Hotel Saini we are already working on creating a safe environment. We are organizing a complete sanitization of rooms and common areas.

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We got, thank to our customer, these recognitions as we always push to the limits to satisfy our guests! This is what we will do also this time, adapting to this new way of traveling, ensuring top quality and safety in our hotel.

All the necessary personal protective equipment will be available fot our guests. We will ensure that you can relax and stay safe in order to spend a very relaxing holiday. We already used to have our bed sheets sanitized before this emergency, we will do even better now!

After such a demanding period, all you need is to disconnect and switch off to recharge the batteries and if you find a comfortable and safe place to stay this will be the best way to recover.

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We will make everything to make your stay extraordinary!

Federico Saini